Green Products

Residential Considerations for Eco-minded Homeowners Installing New Carpet & Flooring

The majority of our customers inquiring about eco-friendly flooring are concerned primarily about health issues surrounding the installation of new flooring in their home. There are two factors to consider, the installation and the products themselves. At Design Expo Flooring Center we use only safe setting materials and adhesives for our installations. The other factor to take into consideration is the removal of old flooring. Some old vinyl flooring may have asbestos backing. In these cases we use proper care to reduce the amount of airborne contamination or we recommend using products that can be installed over existing floors safely.

Customers also seem to be concerned about products that deplete our valuable resources. Many of the manufacturers we carry have taken steps to reduce waste. Below are terms that you can inquire about when buying new floor covering.

1. Are materials used in the product biodegradable? Biodegradable products will decompose quickly and without harmful effects to the environment when left exposed.

2. Are materials used in the product recyclable? This could involve manufacturers that are using recycled products to create the product as well as making the product itself recyclable after its use.

3. Will the installation materials emit VOCs? To be a zero-VOC product it can ‘t exceed 5 grams per liter. Low VOC products can ‘t exceed 200 grams per liter.

4. What binders are used in the production of the product? This would include underlayments. Are they zero or low in VOC? Do they contain formaldehyde?

5. What is the life cycle? Products with long life cycles don’t need replacement as often thus reducing the effects to the environment.
To satisfy the needs of our eco-minded customers we have added new products like linoleum, bamboo and cork flooring. These products meet the requirements most of our green-minded customers are looking for.

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