Q & A

Common Questions Our Customers Ask Us

Q: That same product is advertised lower at the building materials chain store, why is your price higher?

A: Generally the advertised price is for in-stock materials that they purchase in large quantities. Our customers usually are trying to achieve just the right look for their home and want a larger selection. These custom orders do cost more but you achieve the look you want. In addition, when your project calls for professional installation we find our bottom line prices are competitive if not lower.

Q: We’ve seen advertising offering Free Installation. Do you offer that?

A: Beware of Free offers of any kind. They will often make up the difference by charging more for other things. They typically make up the difference with extra or higher charges extra removal and haul away, moving furniture, and higher prices for transition products like reducers or stair nosing. Our quote will cover everything and you’ll find it to be very competitive if not lower.

Q: We have pets and we need something that is easy to maintain when they have their moments. What should we be looking at?

A: There have been many innovations that can give you better performance with pets around. In carpet, new fibers have been constructed to reduce both staining and odor retention typically associated with pet accidents. We even carry carpet padding designed just for pet problems. Of coarse any hard surface product performs better because they can be easily cleaned. However, some products may be more scratch resistant. We’ve seen hardwood floors where larger pets have scratched the floors badly.  New finishes on hardwood flooring and new products like laminate flooring and luxury vinyl offer improved performance for this situation.

Q: What style carpet goes well with a formal setting?

A: Most of our customers select a saxony or plush carpet. They are available in a wide variety of colors, pile height, thickness and price range. Another option popular today is patterned carpets in a formal design.

Q: Can I install hardwood on a slab or in my basement?

A: Engineered hardwood products may be adhered both on grade and below. Their cross-grain construction of multiple layers reduces the expansion and contraction that occurs with solid wood products. However, we will need to check for moisture. Moisture problems can breakdown a glue-down installation.

Q: Can you install ceramic tile over my old vinyl flooring?

A: We normally recommend removing the old floor. However, if the vinyl floor is solid, not cushion, well bonded, and the combined subfloor thickness is the required 1-1/4” thick over 16” spaced joists we can install over the old floor.

Q: What style carpet is best for heavy use?

A: We recommend Berber, commercial and frieze. These styles come in multicolor that helps hide soil. These styles also hide footprints. We often recommend 15’ wide Berber carpets to eliminate seams in most rooms.

Q: Can I use hardwood flooring in my bathroom?

A: We don’t recommend using wood in the bathroom, particularly solid wood products. There are many realistic wood patterns in vinyl and laminate flooring that would be more suitable.

Q: Is the quality of the carpet cushion I select important.

A: Yes. A good quality carpet cushion will go a long way in helping keep your carpet from crushing in heavy traffic areas. If the cushion deteriorates your carpet will flatten out and be less resilient. It will also contribute to your underfoot comfo